It's Official: We Excel at Resident Care


The most recent state survey has found our community to be completely deficiency-free - and you can't do any better than perfect!

When a community receives a deficiency-free survey from the state's Division of Health Service Regulation, it means you and your loved ones can expect the highest level of care in an optimum setting. A deficiency-free survey means state surveyors found zero deficiencies and confirmed that we are meeting or exceeding all state requirements for care, services, and environment.

State inspectors arrive unannounced and, over period of several days, observe care and procedures as well as check for compliance to regulations on care, confidentiality, cleanliness, resident rights, and quality of services. The process also includes interviews with residents, residents' family members, and center employees.

The state's examination is rigorous, which means receiving a deficiency-free survey is a top indicator of excellence - it's the best score an assisted living, or memory care community can earn.

We could not have accomplished this milestone without our collaborative team approach to care and our amazing, dedicated, and conscientious staff.

This is a huge accomplishment for our community, and we could not be more proud of this recognition because it proves what we have always known: we are holding to our single-minded purpose of providing the best life possible and ensuring our residents are safe, happy, and healthy.

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